The Coop BJJ

10131 National Blvd Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90034, USA

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(424) 675-8001

The Coop BJJ

  • Visiting from south Florida and dropped in at an open mat today, was welcomed like I was a member at the gym and felt at home! Definitely recommend The Coop, I’ll definitely be back when I’m in Los Angeles again. 🤙🏼

    Posted a month ago

  • Been training here for about 8 months and it’s the best gym I’ve been at in my decade of mostly off but on and off jiu jitsu training. First, the format is amazing. If work keeps me and I’m only able to make the rolling portion, no penalty. No former Gracie shaming me and pointing to some photo of an old dude on the wall. This gym isn’t about dogma and ego. It’s the best coaching I’ve got by a mile. Every mechanic is explained. There not just chucking systems at you en masse and moving on. I can’t believe how much I’ve improved because I know the motivations behind the techniques. As well, one of the 300 black belts in attendance will give me more tips to incorporate what we learned into my game. They’ve helped develop my voice and style and I really appreciate that. Everyone’s cool, no cliques, good music. (Shout out whoever has gang Starr on their playlist) The members are frankly really good here. Any bad habit is exposed but every time I’ve gotten immediate feedback. Lastly, after sparring with the coaches, competitors, wrestler dudes, and just kinda some of the athletic freaks at this gym, I have to say something - I’ve never been cranked. Not even close. I’m blown away. It’s the hardest I’ve ever rolled and yet no meat head presence (eat your heart out celestial titled jiu jitsu gyms, the earth is round, thanks for taking me knee) In short, train here

    Posted 5 months ago

  • Outstanding experience. Gym was super clean. People were very welcoming. Alex and David the owners who are black belts were wonderful host and great rolls. Strongly recommend this gym for anyone looking to sharpen their skills through sparring.

    Posted 2 years ago

  • Very happy I became a member, I've been at the coop for several months now and it's by far my favorite place to roll in LA. Much less formal than other gyms I've gone too (which I consider a good thing) and a fantastic group of skilled and kind grapplers that show up regularly. A great gym and great community.

    Posted 8 months ago

  • Dropped in on a Saturday open mat. Most people did no-gi at this time. Great facility, maximized the space for mats, so a bit difficult to walk around the floorspace. Clean bathroom, filtered water dispenser, fantastic people to roll - there's someone for most skill levels, even saw someone do wall wrestling with 4oz gloves. Awesome.

    Posted 8 months ago