Like Water Jiu Jitsu

5770 Melrose Ave UNIT 205, Los Angeles, CA 90038, USA

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Like Water Jiu Jitsu

  • Listen, guys, if you dream of learning how your body is built and what it can do you must visit this place and take classes. Mauricio will teach you all the necessary techniques to be able to grow up in this iconic sport. Very very thankful to sensei. Mauricio pays attention to everyone and gives PERSONAL tips which is so rare in the group classes. Trust me you won’t regret if you visit this class.

    Posted 3 months ago

  • "Like Water Jiu Jitsu" is fantastic! The instructor is wonderful and is concerned about your experience and your progress. "Like Water Jiu Jitsu" will get you in shape at your own pace. The members are very friendly, making the school a welcoming community. Regarding techniques, "Like Water Jiu Jitsu" shows you many of them immediately, but the instructor allows you to learn them at your own pace. There are classes for children and teens which makes it great for the entire family. The location is great and in a safe neighborhood. Join immediately!

    Posted a month ago

  • I can’t say enough good things about Like Water Jiu Jitsu. For the past two weeks, I trained in the noon classes and also did privates with Professor Mauricio Antunes. My 6 year old son also trained in the kids class while we were in town. We always make it a habit to train at different jiu jitsu academies when we travel. We have a good understanding of what makes a good jiu jitsu academy and I must say Like Water jiu jitsu is an excellent one. -Friendly and welcoming culture. Professor Mauricio Antunes is skilled and nicest instructor there is. His students are also friendly and competitive with rolls. Even the parents are friendly and supportive. This is what you want in a jiu jitsu academy. -The teaching style here is very good. Professor Mauricio Antunes is so knowledgeable (his competition credentials are impressive) and cares to explain things in detail to make sure you understand everything. You can see the professor and coaches teach with passion. Attention to detail is practiced here and also safety of students in mind which is a plus. -The academy is clean and well situated with good natural lighting. I like the design color choices and the mats used here. Easy to find free parking. It reminds me of my Diamondback Jiu-Jitsu academy back home. This makes training feel comfortable and enjoyable which makes you want to return. I can’t really say anything bad about Like Water Jiu Jitsu except that it is not in Texas! 😂 My family and I will definitely continue to train at Like Water Jiu Jitsu when we are back in town to visit. Thank you Professor Mauricio Antunes and Like Water Jiu Jitsu team for the positive experience! 🤙

    Posted in the last week

  • It has been a true honor to train and continue training at this gym! I was truly astonished when I first arrived! The enviorment is clean and the mats are great! Aside form the professor being super helpful, you meet some incredible people! I have met tons of people with great energy, not only that, but eveyone is constantly helping each other out! A bonus is that the professor is always playing good muisc! lol

    Posted 4 weeks ago

  • Been going here for like 8 months and love every moment of it! Professor Mauricio is extremely nice, respectful, and knowledgeable!! Highly recommend all skill levels come here for a great learning experience and community!

    Posted a month ago