Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams

4472 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA

(47 reviews)

(323) 646-2902

Legacy Jiu-Jitsu West Adams

  • Amazing place to train! The instructors are top notch and very welcoming. The facility is big and clean. As I was looking for a Jiu-Jitsu gym I decided to try out Legacy West Adams, I was so impressed with everyone at the gym that I signed up on the spot. The instructors are amazing and take the time to get to know you and everyone is so welcoming and offer different levels of experience. I highly recommend anyone come join.

    Posted 4 months ago

  • I’m getting older now, and was worried about getting bad injuries, but Professor Mark and all of the other Legacy professors are so knowledgeable and make it clear when to roll hard, and when to focus on technique and slow down. They take time to help each student with adjustments and variations. When they catch mistakes, they will make sure to help all of the students correct that mistake. I hope to go to my first tournament in the next few months, and feel good about having awesome, no-ego classmates to roll with, and our incredible professors to prepare me.

    Posted 2 months ago

  • Me and my two children (6 and 9 years old) all train at Legacy and we love it. The instructors are excellent and the atmosphere of the school is great. Can’t recommend it enough, especially if you want to introduce your kids to jiu jitsu.

    Posted 4 months ago

  • I highly suggest Clube Hollywood to anyone looking to get fit, take up martial arts and meet amazing new people. When you train 4+ days a week they become your family and it's important how welcoming they are. I unfortunately had to move back to Aus and haven't been able to find a studio of equal comparison. Miss rolling and miss the team! and note it's for all levels so don't be scared!

    Posted 5 years ago

  • I dropped in for a class when my gym was closed and I was pleasantly surprised to see how great the instruction and overall gym atmosphere was. The facilities are clean and everything is brand new. They have nice mats, a water fountain, super clean bathroom, changing stalls…everything you’d need. The instructor Ben was very friendly and welcoming. His instruction was detail-oriented and he helped everyone throughout the drilling portion of the class. I learned a lot. I had some great rolls there as well. There’s a good mix of ability levels and some amazing training partners. I’d say the gym is good for all levels beginner to advanced. You won’t go wrong training here. Will definitely drop in again when I get a chance.

    Posted 2 years ago