Dynamix MMA

11870 Santa Monica Blvd #102, Los Angeles, CA 90025, USA

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Dynamix MMA

  • Love this place. Honest to God I love it. Been training here for a while already and the coaches are amazing, down to earth, willing to help. The atmosphere at the gym isn't all cold with a bunch of guys trying to take your head off or acting all cocky, it's very team/family oriented. That being said, if you come here.. you're gonna learn how to fight. You're gonna leave every class feeling happy you went. So if you want to learn how to fight/build discipline/get in shape.. but also want a place where people look out for each other and everyone is friendly, this is the spot.

    Posted a month ago

  • I trained at Dynamix MMA for 5 classes while I was in the LA area for a week. I took classes with coaches Sean Crenshaw (MMA), Jordan Wright (kickboxing), and Vladimir Matyushenko (wrestling for MMA) and all were incredibly nice and I found the classes to be incredibly helpful to my MMA training. I was very happy and honored to learn from former UFC fighters who I also found to be very approachable. My training partners were also really nice and we all kept each other safe in light sparring (which we did several rounds of for every class I attended) under the watchful eye of the coaches. This allowed me to focus on learning during sparring without having to worry about inadvertently getting injured. I found the classes to be very well thought out, and I found my time there to be very productive. Even though I was just a visitor everyone was very welcoming and the atmosphere was very friendly. The facilities are great as well, their restrooms (equipped with showers) are clean and well-taken care of, as was everything else. I was able to borrow some gear since I couldn't bring mine with me during my trip. I want to thank everyone at Dynamix MMA for the wonderful experience, and I also wanted to give a special shout out to David (who also trains at the gym) at the front desk, who was very nice and helpful, and also Kevin, one of the more experienced regulars (I think they have color coded shirts so one can tell who the more experienced people are) who gave me a lot of good advice. I very much hope to be able to train at this gym again in the future.

    Posted 3 weeks ago

  • I tried mixed martial arts (MMA) and this gym about 2 years ago and it has been an absolute joy. Great workout, the gym's MMA focus provides practical/valuable training for self-defense and super fun! Coaches are excellent - several are former UFC fighters. The environment is supportive, friendly and safe. The gym offers classes across various martial art disciplines. Whether you are looking to exercise, learn self-defense skills or compete at any level, I highly recommend this gym.

    Posted 7 months ago

  • I couldn't be happier with the mixed martial arts classes my 16-year-old has been attending. One of the standout features of this place is the ability to learn a wide range of fighting and martial arts styles all under one roof. From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to Muay Thai and everything in between, the variety of classes offered here is truly impressive. It's been amazing to see my child develop a well-rounded skill set in martial arts while exploring various disciplines. The professionalism of the instructors is top-notch. They not only possess incredible knowledge and experience but also have a genuine passion for what they do. Their dedication and enthusiasm for martial arts are infectious, and it's evident that they truly care about their students' progress. They make sure to create a welcoming and supportive environment where my child feels comfortable to learn and grow. What sets this place apart is the involvement of former UFC professional fighters. The insights and guidance they provide are invaluable, and it's inspiring for my teenager to learn from individuals who have reached the highest levels of the sport. Moreover, I appreciate that they offer classes tailored to different age groups, including kids, young adults, and older practitioners. It ensures that each student receives the appropriate level of instruction and attention, making it a fantastic place for martial arts enthusiasts of all ages. Overall, I couldn't ask for a better martial arts academy for my child's growth and development in this discipline. ... and the first class is free how can you go wrong

    Posted 10 months ago

  • What a great school! Let me drop in & train in their Friday night MMA class. Friendly & clean. Nice restrooms. Definitely stop in if you want to get some.

    Posted 7 months ago