10th Planet Jiu Jitsu - West LA

1080 S La Cienega Blvd #106, Los Angeles, CA 90035, USA

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(323) 543-5487

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu - West LA

  • Cali has the most BJJ gyms in the US so to find a good gym is hard enough and to find a good gym near you is just God showing you some love. This is the gym. Great masters. Great students. Great community. For all ages.

    Posted 2 weeks ago

  • Came to visit LA from Miami, and professor Scott was very responsive online when I contacted the school. I came by to visit and was surprised to see all the awesome Star Wars themed gear they have. Most of my training partners I think have been training for around a year but they were all amazing and their leg game is sick. Highly recommend if you want to improve your Jiu Jitsu game and get in shape.

    Posted 5 years ago

  • Top Notch No-Gi Jiujitsu and Striking training! All the instructors (Scott, Bryant, Sebastian, Jay, Amanda, Eddie, Fletch, Andrew) teach in a very approachable way for all levels! Highly recommend training here if you want become a no-gi enthusiast and master the 10th planet system! On and off the mats these guys are incredible people!

    Posted 3 months ago

  • This is not what I’m looking for at all. The guy who teaches showed up 30 mins late. We started the training and he showed us 2 submissions and we started training by our selfs. I was training with the guy who doesn’t know much just like me. The instructor didn’t even check anybody he just went to the couch playing with the phone, right after he spent like 30 mins showing those submissions. He talks about everything but not about jiu jitsu, no feedback from him. Maybe you’re good at jiu jitsu but unfortunately very bad at teaching. It should be like that. UPDATE* Thanks for getting back to me! I’m talking about exactly this place. West La

    Posted 5 months ago

  • I trained close to 3 weeks here when I was I'm town. I really enjoyed both Scott's & Fletcher's details on what they were showing on the mats. It's a clean gym and the practioners were very cool and welcoming. On top of that I found Scott's humor very funny, partly because there was close to no filter in his jokes. Also his dog was awesome too. Definitely recommend this moon to anyone. Love from 10P Belgrade (Serbia...Slobeezy)

    Posted a year ago